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Dave iam in my 30 years in the middle. I do not consider myself bi, but I think I'll have after what happened a few months ago. It was about 10 o'clock in the evening and quite dark and I felt very hot. I knew gigagalleries that was decided in some activity and toilets, one could see for myself always thinking that just came out. went to the bathroom and it was black as night, no lights anywhere. I stood still while my eyes adjusted to the darkness and realized that there was another boy was at the urinal. I was doing little by little to the next and I was on my tail. When my vision improved, I could see I had a dime. He seemed very young, probably late teens. The steped back and I could see he was very well equipped. He extended his left hand, and I approached him. I remember the feeling that her slender fingers closed around my cock and grabbed me. He was very long and thick at all, his cock was at the top was so hard and flat. I gently moved myHand back and forth then lay their eggs with my other hand. His touch was very good, as he pushed my foreskin back and forth before he quietly asked if I had to go somewhere. I sugested my car, I was out and we went fast. 5 minutes it was parked at the field gate, leaning back with two seats. He had removed his trousers and pants and put his shirt on the chest shows the smooth, flat stomach with his hard cock against his belly. I quickly followed, he was kneeling on top of gigagalleries my cock in her mouth. He pressed the play with my cock and balls as I sucked hard. I was in heaven. Then went home and I realized I was on the line. I was gigagalleries playing with his very long drive for the first time to explore with my hands and my tongue. My head moves back and forth naturally, when I stopped in my mouth, my hands moved up and down her slender body with no problems. I heard him gasp and pulled it out, as he was blasting his load on her belly and thighs. I walked until he relaxes. is moved down and took me in his mouth, pressing his hands and squeezed until I could no longer hold back and came into her greedy mouth. Let me finish and then we both clean. I said I was bi and a girlfriend and was not surprised to hear that I was married. He said he had included three pairs of chromosomes 3 met with the gigagalleries man here. I asked my wife and I was sincere when he said he doubted that would be a 3 - to some. We exchanged phone numbers and took it back in the area he had known. We gigagalleries call each session a little fun and, finally, my wife succomed a 3 some, but more on that later.
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